Trail building is part Science, part Art.


It is of vital importance to consider the environmental impact of a trail, while still achieving flow and enjoyment for all skill levels.


It is widely accepted that the best trails meet a few basic requirements in this regard, namely:

  1. They protect the environment/ have minimum environmental impact.

  2. They meet the needs of the users.

  3. They require low maintenance.


IMBA, the International Mountain Biking Association, has created a framework for trail building, which is recognised world-wide as the most environmentally responsible practices. Nguni Trails adheres to these guidelines in all projects we do.


According to IMBA, trail building is an occupation and a process that includes understanding the philosophy of sustainable trail building, trail design processes, trail construction, trail maintenance and trail management. A thorough understanding of these elements is necessary to build trails that are of an international standard, and moreover, an ability to design and build trails against local contexts and laws. 

At Nguni Trails, we offer 3 distinct services:

  1. Trail design and construction

  2. Trail maintenance

  3. Race route preparation



Our Methodology

IMBA Trail Concepts